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Privacy Policy
Welcome to LOTUS International website.

The website is owned and operated by LOTUS International Co., Ltd located in South Korea.
We LOTUS may occasionally amend or update our Terms at any time without giving any prior notice to users.

In order to use this website you must be at least 19 years of age.
It is strictly forbidden to unlawfully access the website, its server or any
files related to the website use any viruses, and other programs, which
could be harmful to the website or to other computers, violate third
parties privacy or prevent them from using the site.

You may not use any hardware or software to damage or interfere with
the working of the website or data or personal information from the Site.

You are not allowed the use of the website in any way,
that may lead you for alternative, modify or reverse engineering and copy.

LOTUS reserved all property rights, including patents, copyrights,
trademarks and designs in this website, and its content, including its
source program and any and all texts, graphics, artwork,
photographs, logos, audio-visual and musical works,
sound recordings, interactive materials required for its operation.
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